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During the Hajj period, pilgrims search for markets and restaurants, whether to eat, to buy Hajj supplies, or to buy some things as a memorial or as souvenirs for family and friends.

Visiting restaurants has a great passion, especially during travel, as it helps pilgrims to visit new places and learn about the culture of the people of Makkah, and this is what happens during the Hajj period.

Lottrips find many pilgrims keen to visit specific restaurants to eat. That’s why we’re enlisting some of the most popular restaurants for your convenience.

The best Makkah restaurants to visit during the Umrah, Hajj or Eid al-Adha

Ashour Restaurant

One of the famous and distinguished restaurants for pilgrims in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, where you can try the taste of Saudi Kabsa, Biryani, Mandi, Madfoun and many famous Saudi dishes, as well as fish, meat and chicken. The restaurant offers a wonderful experience for pilgrims to eat Saudi food.

Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street – A tourist attraction for pilgrims

Many pilgrims who visited Mecca in previous years are interested in heading to Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street, and they may be surprised that the street has changed its old tourist attractions. When they heard about it, or to remember the past days, the street includes some small canteen shops, but not as it used to be in the past. You can get our services to stay in Mecca.

Al-Tazaj is one of the most famous restaurants in Makkah for pilgrims

All visitors to the Kingdom are keen to visit Al Tazaj restaurants, a Saudi fast food chain that relies on providing chicken as a basic meal for eating, with some other types of meals, in addition to well-known supplements in other fast food restaurants such as potatoes and soft drinks, which are close to KFC, With a difference with KFC in providing fried chicken.

We will also learn about Hijazi restaurants; you may want to visit Jeddah, whether on a pilgrimage trip or during a tourist trip to Jeddah, and here are the details.

The best Hijazi restaurants in Jeddah

Enjoy the most famous Hijazi dishes at the most hospitable Jeddah restaurants. Kaj ingredients are surprising in the name, but it is the name of a famous restaurant.

Want traditional dishes in a modern style? You will find your goal is this lovely family restaurant. From traditional Hijazi dishes such as sleek, bread with meat and cable rice, to modern dishes such as edam kofta and bechamel.

A wonderful restaurant that attracts tourists during their tours in Jeddah

The ambiance of the restaurant features a modern décor mixed with traditional Hijazi touches with gentle music of local songs. It offers a range of appetizers, fresh juices, and popular innovative desserts, such as konafa with Nutella and cheesecake with cotton candy. You will find in the amounts everything that pleased your taste. With taste aspects Madinah Hotels also best.

Twainah Seafood Restaurant in Jeddah

Seafood lovers will find that Twainah is the first suggestion from the residents of Jeddah, as it serves the most delicious dishes such as Sayadiyah, Al Madous, Fish with Hamr, and the various tagines that are prepared with the finest types of Red Sea fish (Nagel, Hammour, Al Shaar, and Sijan).

Food served by the restaurant

Although the restaurant is famous for its traditional Hejazi seafood, it serves various local and international dishes.

Al Baik

Al Baik, is a chain of fast food restaurants , founded in the mid-seventies in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia . It was famous for providing chicken and seafood meal with potatoes, known as chicken broast, at a very cheap price. Many are eager to eat it, even if they wait for hours due to the huge crowds on it.

Taibat Al-Hijaz

It is famous for its delicious dishes throughout the day, and its fame lies specifically in the Hejazi breakfast dishes, such as shakshouka, liver, and Ma’soub, and above all, the Mutabbaq and foul, which it serves in a variety of traditional ways. The restaurant has four branches and has been in operation for more than 30 years, becoming a favorite of the city’s residents.

Abu Zaid Restaurant is the perfect destination for all that is Saudi

The perfect destination for all things Saudi. Abu Zeid is famous for presenting local folk dishes in innovative ways, most notably the ma’soub served in various flavors, as well as the mutabaq served with unique fillings that you can’t find anywhere else, such as tuna, chicken, cheese and olives.

Great tourist place and family restaurant

For an ideal destination for breakfast or a light dinner, visit one of the nineteen Abu Zaid branches located in the neighborhoods of Jeddah at affordable prices for everyone!

Foul 21 with Saudi flavor

For lovers of baladi food in a modern way, Fool 21 is ideal with its sun-filled seating and suitable for individuals and families alike.

It’s the best Saudi restaurants for popular food

Enjoy the popular dishes that are cooked in front of you, such as liver, arika, mgalqal, fatteh korea and salik, and don’t forget the delicious tanour bread to double the taste.