For Muslims umrah is a sacred pilgrimage. In Islam, it is not necessary to perform umrah but still, millions of people from every county went for Umrah. The reason is there are many benefits of performing Umrah that only Muslims can understand. The main problem in performing is to get Umrah Visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.

Because you have to find the authorized agent that can manage the trip for you. Then you apply for the visa and wait until you get it. In short, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of while applying for a visa. But take a deep breath and relax as we are here for you.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide in detail. So that you easily get a visa from Pakistan and enjoy your sacred pilgrimage. Let’s start the discussion.

Steps To Get Umrah Visa For Saudi Arabia From Pakistan

The first step to getting an Umrah visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan is to apply for the visa form. Here are some steps to apply the form.

  1. Go to the Umrah Visa site and fill the form that you receive on the website.
  2. Check the form again if the site shows an error. Edit your mistake and make sure you have entered everything carefully
  3. After correcting the information proceed with the form towards the payment page and pay visa fees online
  4. Now wait for some time until you receive the confirmation email
  5. Print this document or take a screenshot on the phone. Because you have to display this form while traveling to Saudi Arabia


Terms And Conditions To Get Umrah Visa For Saudi Arabia From Pakistan 

Following are some rules and regulations that you need to follow to get the Umrah visa.

  • Fill your visa application and read the statement carefully that is written at the end of the form
  • Select the online facility to send the visa form instead of going for the traditional method to send all details in an envelope to the consultant
  • After you submit the form the validation limit of the passport is 6 months
  • You can not refund the airline ticket. So make sure to depart within two weeks after the entry date 
  • Girls and women must come with a mahram and they need to show the proof of the person with which they come. You can show the marriage certificate if you are a wife or the birth certificate in case of children
  • If mahram is traveling with a family then the mahram must go to Saudi Arabia and come back in the same flight where his family is sitting
  • Women of age above 45 can go for the Umrah without a Mahram
  • You should take your vaccination certificate with you while boarding the plane and the issue date of the certificate must be less than a month
  • Umrah visa holders can not start any business in the kingdom
  • Pilgrims must submit their biometric data at the VFS Tasheel Visa Service Center. This rule does not apply to children below the age of 5
  • Your visa application will be processed within 4 to 7 working days 


What Are The Requirements For an Umrah Visa?

You need the following things to apply for umrah

  • Biometric slip
  • Scanned CNIC copy
  • 2 photos with blue background
  • Original passport
  • Attach two blank pages with your passport for further processing

How Much Do You Need To Pay For The Umrah Visa?

According to the time duration, you can pay for the umrah visa as there are multiple packages. If you need to get the visa in a short time then select the Super rush processing package. The cost of this package is USD 233.00.

But if you do not want the visa so fast and want to save money then go for the rush processing package as you have to pay USD 198.00 for it. The third pricing package is the Standard processing package. Here you will receive the visa in a standard time. But the best part of this package is that you only have to pay USD 173.00. 

So if you have time and do not need the visa too early then select the standard package and save your money.


Follow each step to avoid any consequences for Umrah Visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan. If you feel any problem while entering any information or understanding the rule. Then ask the expert who performs the Umrah before or you can contact the legal Umrah advisor.