A special Hajj visa can be obtained by Muslims who want to perform the holy Hajj. Every Muslim can use their right to visit the main attractions of Muslims located in Saudi Arabia.

In this guide, I’m going to tell you that How to apply for Hajj 2023. First, you’ll be pleased to know that the ministry of Hajj announced, all Muslims outside Saudi Arabia (except banned countries) are allowed to perform Hajj this year. However, you should need to follow Coronavirus prevention measures because of the safety of pilgrims.

Visa for Hajj

A visa to Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage can only be obtained through special accredited travel companies. The Saudi Arabian consulate in the applicant’s country issues a specific visa for this purpose. It is worth noting that visas are issued according to the quotas allocated for each country.

How to obtain a Hajj visa?

Visa can only be obtained by submitting your application to the nearest embassy; however,  it is recommended that you contact the consulate first because some consulates accept only Hajj applications through approved travel agencies. You should also make sure your service provider is verified to avoid any fraudulent activity. In addition, online hajj visa applications vary country to country as this option hasn’t been enabled for all.

Required Documents

  • Passport valid for at least six more months
  • 2 passport size color photograph with a white background
  • Application form filled with black ink
  • Applicant must have confirmed non-refundable round trip tickets
  • Vaccination certificate against meningitis
  • Proof of have taken 2 doses of Coronavirus vaccine
  • You should between 18 to 65 years old
  • Should submit two checks/payable drafts

Possible additional papers: confirmation of kinship for women, certificate of acceptance of Islam.

Cost of Hajj & Visa

Hajj is an expensive event these days, but Muslims are ready to go to such an expense to fulfill their religious duty and visit Makkah and Madinah. However, a hajj visa is free but you need to submit two checks at the time of visa application for hajj services i.e. guides, zamzam water agent, accommodation, transport, Mina & Arafat tent etc. Along these you need to confirm your round trip as well. For your convenience, I’d recommend Lottrips as your Hajj travel partner. They’re experienced in Hajj visa processing and also offering cheap hajj packages to make pilgrimage easy, affordable and memorable.

Who will not be able to get a hajj visa to Saudi Arabia?

  • A traveler with the purely tourist purpose of visiting a country.
  • Single woman, unaccompanied by a male relative.
  • Citizens of Israel or the presence of Israeli visas in the passport.