Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage for Muslims like Hajj. But umrah is not compulsory in Islam like Hajj. Still millions of people go to Makkah to perform Umrah. You can go anytime to perform Umrah but there is the best December Umrah package for Pakistan citizens. It is considered better to select umrah packages before you want to go to Saudi Arabia. The reason is that millions of people from all cities are willing to perform Umrah.

Due to this, it becomes difficult to manage everything and get a place in the hotel to live. So if you are planning to go for Umrah in January. Then get the amazing deal in December. First, you have to pay less and second you can get better hotel accommodations. 

Therefore in this article, we will discuss some best umrah packages that most travel companies provide. So let’s start the discussion.

Fantastic December Umrah Package

What Are The Fantastic December Umrah Package for Pakistan Citizens?

Here is some fantastic December Umrah package for Pakistan citizens. They are made according to the different economical conditions of the people. So have a look.

1. Economy Umrah Packages

1. 21 days Sasta Umrah Package

Makkah: 10 days

Hotel: White Rose

Madinah: 10 days

Hotel: Fundaq Saeeda

Cost: 110,000 per person

2. 20 Nights Fully Economy Package

Makkah: 10 days

Hotel: Safwa Al Mead

Madinah: 10 days

Hotel: Madina Johra Akran

Cost: 122,328 per person


3. 20 Days Economy Umrah Package (Rabi-ul-Awal in Madinah) 

Makkah: 10 days

Hotel: Bisma Azam Makkah

Madinah: 10 days

Hotel: Wadiyar 2 Madinah

Cost: 122,350 per person

2. Economy Plus 2021 Umrah Deals

1. 20 days economy plus umrah package (Rabi-awal in Madinah)

Makkah: 10 days

Hotel: Burj Abbas

Madinah: 10 days

Hotel: Karam Jadeed Madinah

Cost: 127,350 per person

2. 14 days Economy Plus Umrah Package (All in one package)

Makkah: 6 days

Hotel: Burj Abbas

Madinah: 8 days

Hotel: Madina Marsa Bronzi

Cost: 130,476 per person

20 Nights economy Plus Umrah Package

Makkah: 10 days

Hotel: Abraj Al Kiswah

Madinah: 10 days

Hotel: Burj Mowada

Cost: 133,000 per person

3. 5 Star December Umrah Packages

7 Nights

Makkah: 4 nights

Hotel: Makkah Marriott Hotel

Madinah: 3 nights

Hotel: Al Madinah Harmony Hotel

Cost: € 845 per person

10 Nights

Makkah: 5 nights

Hotel: Elaf Kinda Hotel

Madinah: 5 nights

Hotel: Green Tower Hotel

Cost: € 975 per person

12 Nights

Makkah: 6 nights

Hotel: Conrad Hotel Makkah

Madinah: 6 nights

Hotel: Leader Al Muna Kareem Hotel

Cost: € 1125 per person

14 Nights

Makkah: 7 nights

Hotel: Anjum Makkah Hotel

Madinah: 7 nights

Hotel: Millennium Taiba Hotel

Cost: € 1135 per person

In addition to these packages, there are many more that you can select according to your budget. Do not forget to avail of these December packages as you will not get better discounts in other months.


How to Get December Umrah Package for Pakistan Citizens?

First, select the authorized traveling agency or trader that helps you to go to Saudi Arabia. You can check the authorization online and can contact the people who have performed umrah before you.

When you contact the company they will tell you their best packages. Review all the packages and search on the internet for hotel pricing. If you think you are getting services at better prices then confirm the package and save your money.

But do not forget to only take December packages when you want to perform Umrah in January. The reason is that when you book the hotels for a long time then it will create problems for other people who want to perform umrah as they do not get the best hotels to stay.

To avoid creating problems for others. Also, it is better to go for Umah with your family or friends so that you will get company. Therefore, select the family packages to get better discounts.


If you want to know the information on How to Get a Fantastic December Umrah Package for Pakistan Citizens? Then do consider the above mentioned guide and also do not go for the first package that you will see. Review all the packages first and then analyze the services. Only select those services that provide better accommodation services and prices. Many traveling companies are offering December packages. 

Contact all of them and see which company gives you a better response. Better communication is necessary as you can ask for a further discount to save more money.