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Insurance Program For Umrah And Hajj Pilgrims

The ministry of tourism announced the application of a mandatory health insurance policy to travelers coming for Umrah this year, pointing out that the health insurance policy. The policy includes many medical and health services for pilgrims. Know about all of these policies on Lottrips.

In light of the Corona pandemic and in light of the precautionary measures applied by Saudi Arabia to protect pilgrims from their travels until their return to the homeland after performing the rituals.

However, the Chamber has not officially announced the value of the health insurance policy fees.

Services covered by the health insurance policy for pilgrims

The ministry specified the services covered by the health insurance policy for pilgrims, which include many services that pilgrims will benefit from throughout the duration of the Umrah program, noting that those services include the following:

  • The document bears the refund of the value of the Umrah program in the event that the pilgrim’s trip is canceled because it was confirmed that he/she was infected with Corona, according to the result of the “pcr” analysis, which he/she conducts 72 hours before traveling to Saudi Arabia.
  • In the event that the Umrah trip is suspended by the authorities for the trips listed on the portal for Umrah for travelers who are scheduled to travel within 7 days from the date of the decision to cancel the trips, the document shall refund the value of the trip according to the price listed on the portal.
  • The health insurance policy for pilgrims bears emergency medical expenses.
  • The document sets the maximum age for the pilgrim covered by insurance at 85 years.
  • The health insurance policy covers emergency expenses to cover the costs of treatment from Corona.
  • The health insurance policy for pilgrims covers emergency medical expenses related to medical evacuation or returning the traveler, in case of serious diseases and accidents.
  • The coverage of the health insurance policy shall be (Jeddah – Makkah – Madinah).
  • Duration of insurance coverage for pilgrims (the duration of the Umrah program).
  • The health insurance policy for the pilgrims bears the expenses of returning the body in the event of the death of the pilgrim as a result of any cause.

Saudi adds Corona risk coverage to insurance policies for pilgrims from outside the Kingdom

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced the addition of insurance coverage for the Coronavirus, to the Umrah insurance product document for pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom.

And the ministry added, in a post on its official page on Twitter that the insurance policy for the pilgrim also includes the costs of staying in quarantine for a maximum of 14 days, at a cost of 450 riyals per day.


It is worth noting that the Saudi Central Bank and the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance announced, this week, the update of the forms of insurance documents for non-Saudis coming from outside the Kingdom, for the purpose of tourism, visitation, and Umrah, by adding coverage of the risks of infection with the Coronavirus.

The addition of this coverage aims to provide health care for cases exposed to infection with the Corona virus for non-Saudis coming from outside the Kingdom for tourism, visitation, and Umrah, in order to ensure the safety of all, and to ensure speedy access to treatment services with ease.

It also provides insurance coverage, the costs of treating infected cases, the costs of quarantine procedures for the injured, and medical evacuation in emergency cases.

Some top Umrah insurance Companies in the Saudi Arabia

Now you can buy travel insurance policy, Umrah health insurance and Umrah-Hajj pilgrims’ insurance policy from these enlisted top companies. They’re leading in insurance industry and registered with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Below are the some top Umrah insurance companies:

  • Bupa Arabi
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  • Medgulf
  • AXA Cooperative
  • Malath Insurance
  • Wataniya Insurance
  • Al Etihad Cooperative
Bottom Line:

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