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Discover an authentic and modern Madinah Hotel at the same time, fiery, timeless, and sensual. Far from clichés, experience another facet of the destination in new, eco-chic, and inspiring addresses, set in an exceptional setting on the shore of the sand.

Lottrips invites you to plan a trip and stay with us in Madinah Hotel. We assure your safety on priority. Lottrips have an efficient team and all world’s standard Hotels in Al Madinah to ensure you stay pleasant.

You truly immerse yourself like a local. We greatly serve the lavish amenities you’d expect; whether you are traveling for business or religious obligations, our Madinah hotels are designed to be your other address. Our supreme hospitality, excellent facilities, and cooperative staff make your stay memorable at its best. Get in touch now for hotel booking Madinah & Makkah hotel.

Book Your Hotel In Madinah


Now you don’t need to spend a lot of time planning trip, Madinah hotel booking near haram, or taking care of metro timings; Lottrips aims to make your tour exclusive and comfortable. Just give us your destination, and in return, Lottrips organize your program from hotel booking in Madinah to transfers, day after day, according to your desires and passions.

A program made up of discoveries and personalized experiences in the spirit of commitment. Lottrips simply book hotel in Madinah for you, provides you daily transfers, fully equipped rooms, reserves seats for haute cuisine in restaurants; we design everything to make your trip even exclusive.


Bright and shimmering, Medana is adorned with a thousand and one colors daily and cultivates the scent of celebration, smile, and happiness. Come live intense experiences at Masjid e Nabawi, find new breaths, and go on an inner journey, far from material considerations and closer to your emotions.

Lottrips cater to all those who have difficulty finding a cheap hotel in Madinah near Masjid Nabawi. We have several Madinah hotels near masjidnabawi with luxury amenities, low prices, and an exciting getaway.

Since your entire will is made up of beautiful experiences with us, we cannot give you any examples; you just have to push the door of one of our cheapest Madian hotel in KSA and let yourself be carried away. Our hotels with sublime decor bear the cultural, trendy, cosmopolitan, historical just like discovering a city.


“Inspired by your dreams,” says a lot about our desire to go further in travel & hotel design. Lottrips incorporates a natural notion of tailor-made hotels of each traveler; we highlight the soul and authenticity of a Medanah.

Depending on your dreams, your desires for discovery, or your passions, Lottrips offers you a unique itinerary with our 3-star to 5 star hotels in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

We have one of the top hotels in Madina near subtle attractions. Our Madina Oberoi hotel, Madina Palace hotel, and Madina tower hotel will make you discover the best of what you can imagine.

These are all in the heart of the city; discover architectural treasures and fabulous concepts! Emblematic of our travel vision, our selection of unique Madinah hotel undeniably arouses the desire to put down your luggage for a capital, intimate and exclusive experience.