15+ Most Affordable Markets for pilgrims to buy gift & essentials in Makkah

The memories of Hajj or Umrah will remain in your memory for life, but you may also want to buy some souvenirs. Here is a simple guide to shopping that includes what you might buy from Makkah.

While performing Hajj is the main purpose of your visit to Makkah, shopping for gifts allows you to come home loaded with souvenirs from that wonderful journey.

Makkah has many shopping options ranging from market stands to luxury boutiques. The malls, shopping centers and markets of Makkah are excellent, comfortable and modern destinations.

Shopping times in Makkah

Stores are usually open from 9 am to midnight from Saturday to Thursday, and from 2 pm or 4 pm until midnight on Friday. There are some exceptions.


Some of the shops around the campus are open 24/7. Large markets such as Bin Dawood, Banda, Nuri and Carrefour open their doors from early morning until after midnight.

What do you buy from Makkah?

As the religious capital of the Islamic world, Makkah is the perfect place to buy prayer rugs, rosaries, Qurans and bottles of Zamzam water. There are other souvenirs such as oud, perfume and toothpicks.

Dates are usually sold in Makkah, although they are often cheaper in Taif, the mountain resort located 100 km east of Makkah. Gold is a popular commodity for travelers to Mecca because it is said to be less expensive and higher quality than gold elsewhere.

8 Shopping areas in Makkah Al-Mukarramah

There are several areas dedicated to shopping in the city. The modern Abraj Al Bait complex is home to a five-storey shopping mall.

The Clock Tower is a high-rise complex located next to the Haram and is the right place for pilgrims to find anything they need.

There are also dozens of large and small shops around the mosque that sell gifts, souvenirs, prayer rugs and refreshments.

Al Aziziyah district includes luxury boutiques, shopping complexes and outlets selling international brands along the Grand Mosque Road.

There are also two large shopping areas, Gaza and Ajyad, which includes a variety of gift shops and perfume shops.

The large Makkah Mall is located southeast of the Haram near the Mina train station.

Al Diyafa Mall is another commercial center located in the northwest.

Cloth shopping in Makkah

The city of Makkah is a popular place to purchase thobes (long robes for men and women), abayas (worn over clothing), head coverings (veils), and other clothing from all over the Islamic world. Souks like Souk Al Otaiba are good places to explore the prices of ready-made garments, fabrics and tailoring. Feel free to negotiate price.


5 Best places to Shop in Makkah for pilgrims

Bin Dawood Markets:

Have you visited Bin Dawood Markets before? It is a Saudi chain of retail stores. So far, it has 21 branches located in three major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the most important of which are in the Two Holy Mosques, Makkah and Madinah.

The secret behind the fame of Bin Dawood Markets in Makkah: Perhaps that is what made it so popular, especially because it is concentrated in those areas, which makes pilgrims go to it for what they hear about it.

Clock tower markets:

The Makkah Clock has a very great and international fame and is considered one of the tourist attractions that pilgrims are keen to watch, as well as the meeting place for their families and acquaintances because it is one of the distinctive tourist flags of Makkah. Therefore, the pilgrims are keen not to miss that opportunity and visit it, to see that landmark and the great edifice.

See the markets and shops inside the clock tower: Within the towers, there are many markets and shops, which include the finest brands of clothing and jewelry, as well as some restaurants.

Max Mall

Max Mall is well-known for cheap prices; here you can buy almost everything from kids’ garments to shoes, jewelry, caps, pillows, Clothing, bags, shoes, many more, etc. Here prices vary between 10 Saudi Riyal to 65 Saudi Riyal that’s why it is considered one of the most affordable shopping malls. But it is a bit far from Haram.

Top Ten Mall

It is situated a little far from the Haram; but can be reached using transfers. This shopping center is also known for its extremely economical rates. As its name says, most things are between 10 to 12 Saudi Riyal that’s highly affordable.

Jaafaria Souq

Jaafaria Saoq market is situated near Haram and renowned for all kinds of perfumes, natural & synthesized fragrances. Beside this there are multiple hundred shops who are selling Jaye Namaz, Tasbeeh, Rings, Jewelry, and other Hajj-Umrah related accessories.

Bottom Line

If you’ve already visited the top shopping places in Makkah mentioned above and are willing to explore some more; I’d like to suggest Aziziya market and Aryam international mall. Both are great shopping malls loaded with a lot of local and international brands along with versatile kinds of products. These iconic malls also provide you with entertainment areas, family halls, restaurants and a comprehensive shopping range.

In addition, I also want to add a brief introduction of Nakaasa Bazar; this local bazaar is known for cheap prices; you may wonder if you bought a strawberry pack in 10 Saudi Riyal from any market, here you’ll get that in maximum 2 or 3 Riyals. Here you can shop almost everything from vegetables to clothing.

In the end, if you need any assistance in booking a hotel in Mecca, flight reservation, need a transfer ride to go shopping or have any query related to Hajj or Umrah; reach us without any hesitation, LOTTRIPS representatives will be delighted to help you.