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Dubai is a very well-connected city you can fly directly in from many countries and Saudi. It’s just about a one-and-a-half-hour flight. There is plenty of direct flight to Dubai available, and you can choose the option that suits you best for timing and price.

Flight to Dubai from Riyadh can cost you anywhere upwards of 400 dollars, but in my opinion, the sooner you book, the better deal you get. So I would suggest Lottrips for cheap flight booking, we offer you incredible low-priced Saudi to Dubai flight. In addition, you can use Lottrips for Dubai to Riyadh flight time, flight status, and price compares.

Dubai Visa Requirements

Let’s get to visa requirements. If you are a British or American citizen, you can get a visa on arrival in Dubai. For a visa on arrival in Dubai, you need to head to the Merkabah counter after disembarking at the airport, pay about 120 Dirhams, and get your visa valid for 14 days, which is enough if you are a tourist.

If you don’t have a US visa, you can apply for a regular passport. Usually, this visa can take about seven to fourteen working days to get processed. Here I would like to mention, citizens of Saudi Arabia are visa exempted and don’t need a visa to travel to Dubai.

Best time to get cheapest flights

The best time to visit Dubai is between Feb to August. This is when the weather is scorching, and the tourists are less likely to travel to Dubai. In this period, you can get the cheapest booking Saudi Arabia To Dubai Flight through Lottrips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which airports serve Riyadh to Dubai?

King Khalid international serves Riyadh to Dubai; however, other airports include Riyadh airbase.

How long is the flight from Saudi Arabia to Dubai?

The flight distance between Riyadh, Saudi Arabia To Dubai Flight is 872 km, and the shortest route is 620km long. The flight takes 1hr and 40 minutes to reach Dubai.

Flight Details for Riyadh to Dubai?

There are about 16 direct airlines that fly daily from Riyadh to Dubai with different time schedules. You can check availability, compare timing & prices, or book flights through Lottrips. Some most popular are Flynas, Saudia, Flyadeals, Emirates, and Flydubai.

Gulf Air and Qatar Airways are indirect (connected) flights that reach Dubai from Riyad via Bahrain or Doha and take about 3hr and 30 minutes.

The most popular airlines flying from Saudi Arabia to Dubai?

Some most popular airlines from Saudi Arabia To Dubai Flight are Flynas, Saudia, Flyadeals, Emirates, and Flydubai.