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Lottrips would like to thank Allah Almighty that He has allowed us to make your Umrah trip delightful. We prove our professional and religious commitment by providing you with the best possible service in return for your money when you pay us to manage your Umrah or Hajj 2022. You won’t just get what we’ve promised, but even more! With the grace of Almighty,

Lottrips is offering Umrah booking; Best Umrah packages 2022, low price Umrah package, economy Umrah and VIP Umrah package. We provide unmatched quality service to our clients. Our goal is to continually raise our standards, which are already among the highest in the field. We take care of our clients, such as facilitating airline reservations, ziyarat, and accommodation. Let us help you ready for the most enjoyable spiritual journey of your life by calling us now.

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3 Star Economy Umrah Packages

Luxury Umrah Package From Kolkata

Economy 7 Days 5 Star Package

SAR 2,640

Luxury Umrah Package From Kolkata

Economy 10 Days 5 Star Package

SAR 3,150

Luxury Umrah Package From Kolkata

Economy 12 Days 5 Star Package

SAR 3,555

Luxury Umrah Package From Kolkata

Economy 7 Night Group Umrah Package

SAR 3,450

4 Star Deluxe Umrah Packages


Deluxe 7 Days 5 Star Package

SAR 3,250


Deluxe 10 Days 5 Star Package

SAR 4,275


Deluxe 12 Days 5 Star Package

SAR 4,725


Deluxe 7 Night Group Umrah Package

SAR 4,550


Deluxe 9 Night Group Umrah Package

SAR 4,500


Deluxe 12 Night Group Umrah Package

SAR 5,500

5 Star VIP Umrah Packages

VIP umrah package

VIP 5 Days Umrah Package

SAR 3,350

VIP umrah package

VIP 7 Days Umrah Package

SAR 4,050

VIP umrah package

VIP 10 Days Umrah Package

SAR 4,725

VIP umrah package

VIP 12 Days Umrah Package

SAR 6,075

VIP umrah package

VIP 7 Night Group Umrah Package

SAR 3,960

VIP umrah package

VIP 9 Night Group Umrah Package

SAR 4,560

VIP umrah package

VIP 11 Night Group Umrah Package

SAR 5,450

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Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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Umrah packages with air ticket 2022

Lottrips is committed to catering to all Umrah’s needs, from Umrah packages with air ticket 2022 to bilingual coordinator to ensure a trouble-free stay. We have considerable correspondents in Saudi Arabia to serve you.

Lottrips provides you visas, facilitates transport, accommodation, and all other services. Our Umrah group packages 2022 also offer complete service. Two coordinators assign to every group who greet the passengers at the airport and ensure that every little need is met during the holy tour.

We offer state-of-the-art All Inclusive Umrah package 2022 for hassle-free Umrah. We have a 3 to 5 star Umrah package, Cheap Umrah package, Umrah package for couples, and VIP Umrah package with air tickets.

Get Our Cheap Umrah Deals 2022

Umrah is considered the most sacred of all religious practices; therefore, we bring economic Umrah deals to your doorstep! Lottrips offers various packages to suit your budget. You’ll get the best deal, no matter what your primary concern is; luxury or saving money.

Lottrips brings cheap Umrah deals 2022. Therefore, we tailor Umrah packages for family, businessmen, couples, and professionals to ensure your Umrah execute swiftly with convenience.

We believe it will be the biggest sin in our account if you encounter unnecessary discomfort or we miss any commitment during your whole journey.

1 Person Umrah package

Lottrips offers ease; enjoy the Holy experience that we promised to facilitate. It is one of our most unique offerings to arrange an Umrah package for one person.

You just need to opt deal and leave everything on us; we will handle visa processing, hotel reservation, accommodation, pick & drop, ziyarat, and everything that matters to make your Umrah tour memorable.

Therefore, our exclusivity in the customized 1 Person Umrah package and effectiveness of promises provide you with the confidence we require.

Umrah Package For Couple

Lottrips o­ffers couple Umrah Packages with a wide variety of 3star, 5star hotel packages to choose from. We provide you with efficient visa processing and luxury hotel lining and make your Umrah a true journey of faith. Our correspondents take you through everything holds in 2 person Umrah packages or Umrah package for couples.

Umrah 2022 Hajj Tour

Lottrips is a known and trusted name and has an official IATA license to offer Umrah packages 2022. Rabi-ul-Awwal to Ramadan is the peak period, so deals are concentrated around that time.

A distinctive attribute of Lottrips is our focus on delivering a quality experience. You can choose from a variety of Umrah tour packages to stay in luxury and comfort throughout your stay.

We aim to make your Umrah 2022 Hajj Tour the best it can be; since we understand that you don’t want your religious duties disturbed by any inconveniences.

Umrah Tour Packages

We offer 21st-century comforts, conveniences, and speed to our customers with the ultimate Umrah experience. Pioneer in Hajj & Umrah packages 2022; we’re specialized to ensure your experience is truly divine.

We design the latest Umrah packages for you before your actual journey, including Umrah in December 2022, February Umrah package 2022, and Ramadan Umrah 2022 to execute your dream holy journey.

Lottrips was established a decade ago and spread over Asia, the Middle East, and European countries for customized Umrah tour packages, comfort levels, and exclusivity.