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Muslims from all over the world tend to struggle every year to reach Makkah for Umrah and Hajj. Both Umrah and Hajj are sacred activities that not every Muslim can afford. Though it is a dream act to visit Makkah and Madinah to perform Umrah and Hajj, that’s why people often seek a reliable service provider....

There are many reasons for an Umrah visa from Canada rejection; such as, you might have not applied at the right time or your documents might not be right, etc.

People especially those living in non-Muslim countries have to struggle more while finding a trustworthy service provider company. That’s the reason we are providing our honest services of the Umrah package from Canada without further doubts. We all know that hajj requires a few days to get completed, whereas Umrah is an activity that only takes a few hours to complete. Also, hajj can be performed in the reserved months only, on the other hand, Umrah can be performed at any time of the year except the days of Hajj.

Umrah Package From Canada – A Well-Known Brand Lottrips

With Lottrips, you can avail of the Umrah services throughout the year (except the Hajj days). We offer airline reservations, hotel reservations, visa processing, meet up for guidance in Saudi Arabia, shuttle service, vehicle service, and visits to religious places all over Makkah and Madinah. Starting from economical to luxurious Umrah packages, our company offers the best deals in the town. Other than a pre-designed Umrah package from Toronto, we have been successfully offering customized Umrah package from Montreal.

Unlike other companies, we tend to struggle for the best deals that are suitable for individuals, families, or even groups. Besides the Umrah package from Canada, we offer stress-free ticket reservations for other places in or outside of Canada. Lottrips has now become an established company known for its high-class services that are suitable for everyone. In Canada, we have been offering our unique Umrah services for the easiness of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries.

Umrah Package From Canada – Get The Benefit Of Affordable Ticketing For Umrah

With us, you can book tickets individually from our travel agents once the package is selected. Most likely Canadian citizens are recommended to book their flights at least 6 weeks in advance. This way you will have cheaper fares and you can save some money. On the other hand, if you don’t have time and want to leave soon, we still can arrange this trip for you. We have expert travel agents that can help you save as much money as possible while booking tickets and hotels.

If you don’t like the hotels, airlines, or other services mentioned in our Umrah package from Canada, you can opt for customized deals. With our dedicated team members, you can design everything as per your demands and budget. However, we have discount offers on airlines and hotels, but if you don’t want to avail of them, we value your decision. Well, a customized package will have everything you desire for.

We have many happy clients, which are truly satisfied with our humble services and want to travel with us again. We mainly focus on your convenience. Your budget is one of the key things we prioritize while offering deals.

We have 7 days to 14 days Umrah package from Canada in combination with 3-stars, 4-stars, and 5-star Umrah visa deals. Each package has a visa, hotel, and transport services as mandatory. From 3-stars to 5-stars, each package has different hotel accommodations and this is the main difference. From Makkah, the distance depends upon the selection of hotel and it clearly affects the package rates. We have mentioned everything in the packages, however, if you still have any queries, we are more than happy to assist you in terms of everything.

Lottrips Offer The Best Umrah Guidance

We understand why thousands of Umrah visa applications get rejected every year, that’s why we guide our clients from the starting point to the end point. Our professional travel agents will never compromise your satisfaction because they value your decisions and comfort. You will get real-time affordable rates with high-class services.

Other than visas, we offer logistical services so that you can fully concentrate on your holy activity Umrah. We handle everything just to make sure your Umrah completes calmly. Furthermore, we have religious experts that guide you in terms of each activity you need to perform while at Umrah. So that you don’t miss out on any activity while performing this sacred worship.

Ramadan Umrah Package From Canada 2024

Lottrips has designed a special Ramadan Umrah package from Canada 2024. We understand the needs and problems of Muslim families living in Canada, and that’s why we always introduce the best quality deals and packages for everyone. Our company has struggled a lot to become one of the most trusted agencies in Canada. Not only Canada, we have a huge list of happy customers from around the world.

We know the hardships people have to face while choosing the best Ramadan Umrah package from Canada. Umrah is no doubt considered one of the major acts to perform in order to gain blessings. We proudly offer top-quality services to our customers because we don’t want to lose their trust.

Ramadan Umrah Package From Canada Includes

Our packages include the best accommodation options with affordable flights. We have something for everyone because our experienced staff understands the demands of kids, old-age people, and disabled persons. Ranging from 5-star to 4-stars and 3-stars accommodation options, we have different kinds of services in our deals.

Choosing the Ramadan Umrah package from Canada 2024 is the best option to make sure that you are the guest of Allah in this holy month of Ramadan. We suggest you not waste time and money by availing services from unprofessional agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Canadian citizen and practice Islam, then you will need to get a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. You are only allowed to use the Umrah visa based on the Islamic calendar outside of the Hajj season. To go to Umrah from Canada you will need to submit documents along with an application form and then wait for some days until processing is complete.

Yes, Umrah is open for Canadians according to the recent news and applicants can perform Umrah with millions of people. The Canadian visitors or pilgrims will have to apply for a tourist visa. And these tourist visa holders are free to enter both Harams for Umrah or Salah.

The Saudi visa from Canada depends upon the visa fee and insurance can cost about $123. This visa is valid for only a year and you can enter KSA multiple times during this time. You can stay for 90-days maximum per visit.

Yes, you can get the travel visa first from the authorised embassy of KSA, and then you can enter Saudi Arabia from Canada. But you must have to bring a valid visa of 6 months duration. Canadian travellers are now offered an online visa to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi airlines have now resumed most international and domestic flights. The KSA flights are mostly functional and they restrict the flights based on the restrictions imposed by the government.

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