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Welcome to Lottrips. It’s an honor that we accompany you on this blessed journey, and we can say with pride that we are delivering extraordinary experiences. We offer you several umrah from Kuwait packages to opt-out that fits your needs and requirements. During the process of continuous transformation, we ensure you can fulfill your religious obligations comfortably and efficiently. Booking our deals will assure you that we will not let you down and that you will get the comprehensive assistance you require....

Umrah From Kuwait By Air

Being the leading hajj and Umrah agency, we make sure everything goes smoothly for your Umrah. You can leave all the work to us; we handle visa processing, pick-up and drop-off, transportation, meals, accommodations, and sightseeing.

In addition, considering your diversified needs, we introduce both Umrah From Kuwait by air and Umrah visa from Kuwait without package. To be your right traveling partner, we keep our prices lowest and high serving standards in the market.

Umrah Package From Kuwait 2024

Have you grown tired of high ticket prices, a lack of premium facilities, and unfulfilled Umrah deals? We’d love to help you make your Umrah package from Kuwait ideal. Deals are specially designed to provide unparalleled hospitality and the lowest prices guaranteed. will fulfill all commitments and promises we make. That’s why our valued and repetitive customers praised about our services and exclusive Umrah from Kuwait.

Frequently Asked Questions

Umrah’s cost from Kuwait depends on the days of stay and accommodation of hotel rooms. Generally, a 7-day umrah package costs 2100 Quad per person for a single room. The 5-star package costs SAR 2700 per person for 5-days.

To get an Umrah visa from Kuwait you will need to find an approved Umrah visa agent first. Then you have to submit an application form along with documents which are then approved by the Saudi government.

Umrah slots from Kuwait can be booked by using an online app named “Eatmarna” through which you can book slots for praying in Makkah and Madina. Men and women can book their appointments to pray in Riyaz ul Jannah.

You can get the visa to perform Umrah easily depending upon the country of residence. However, in normal situations, the entire process for an Umrah visa takes 10-15 days.

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