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Lottrips is the most reliable travel agency that offers the cheapest Umrah package from Pakistan. We design our packages to cater your all kinds of needs and also make sure these fit your budget. is committed to providing you with all comforts during your blessed journey of Umrah 2022.

all ebaa hotel

Quarantine Package In Madinah 5 days 4 Nights 42,000 pkr

Budget Package

Days Quad Triple Double
10 Days 79,128 pkr 83,128 pkr 91,128 pkr
15 Days 84,504 pkr 89,976 pkr 101,208 pkr
20 Days 91,608 pkr 99,288 pkr 113,128 pkr
Makkah Hotel Kisswa Tower Shuttle Distance 1300 Meters
Madinah Hotel Karam Silver Distance 250 Meters

Silver Package

Days Quad Triple Double
10 Days 80,088 pkr 84,408 pkr 93,528 pkr
15 Days 85,560 pkr 91,472 pkr 103,992 pkr
20 Days 93,048 pkr 101,688 pkr 118,968 pkr
Makkah Hotel Diyafa Tower Distance 1100 Meters
Madinah Hotel Argwan Al Madinah Distance 350 Meters

Golden Package

Days Quad Triple Double
10 Days 83,328 pkr 88,704 pkr 99,528 pkr
15 Days 89,928 pkr 97,493 pkr 111,728 pkr
20 Days 99,528 pkr 110,280 pkr 131,928 pkr
Makkah Hotel Fajar Al Badee 4 Distance 650 Meters
Madinah Hotel Hayat Golden Distance 100 Meters

3 Star Economy Umrah Packages

Luxury Umrah Package From Kolkata

Economy 7 Nights 3 Star Package

SAR 2,140

Luxury Umrah Package From Kolkata

Economy 11 Nights 3 Star Package

SAR 2,422

Luxury Umrah Package From Kolkata

Economy 14 Nights 3 Star Package

SAR 2,610

4 Star Deluxe Umrah Packages


Deluxe 7 Nights 4 Star Umrah Package

SAR 2,570


Deluxe 11 Nights 4 Star Umrah Package

SAR 3,080


Deluxe 14 Nights 4 Star Umrah Package

SAR 3,475


Umrah February 2022 Package

SAR 9,200

5 Star VIP Umrah Packages

VIP umrah package

VIP 7 Nights 5 Star Umrah Package

SAR 3,190

VIP umrah package

VIP 11 Nights 5 Star Umrah Package

SAR 4,035

VIP umrah package

VIP 14 Nights 5 Star Umrah Package

SAR 5,450

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Most Trusted Umrah Tour Agency in Pakistan

Reach us now to book your luxury yet affordable Umrah deals from Pakistan and give us a chance to provide you with the best travel experience on this blessed journey of your life.

14 Days Umrah Package

Lottrips 14 days Umrah package from Pakistan 2022 is for those who intend to stay longer to perform Umrah. This offer is best suited for you; it includes luxury stay, transportation, Visa processing, pre-booked flights, 24/7 assistance, historical sightseeing, and religious reading material.

21 Days Package From Pakistan 2022

Keeping our 21 days Umrah tour package at the lowest price. Lottrips provides you with the best 5-Star Umrah deals 2022 while ensuring that your whole experience of performing Umrah remains memorable.

10 Days Umrah Package

Our 10 days Umrah tour bundle is designed to facilitate pilgrims even more. This package via Dubai from Pakistan includes some special arrangements that are precisely what you’re looking for to perform Umrah with ease.

5 Days Umrah Package

Lottrips offers you the ideal 5 days Umrah package from Pakistan for those looking for a short & luxurious trip to Makkah and Madinah. The package includes 3 Star accommodation, transfers, ziarat, guide, religious reading material, ticketing.

3 Days Package

Have a tight budget? Still, do you want to visit Makkah and Madinah with the best trip experience? Plan your most cost-effective Umrah tour with us. offers you a 3 days Umrah tour from Pakistan with all amenities at highly affordable prices.

Ramadan Umrah Package From Pakistan

Our affordable Ramadan Umrah packages from Pakistan will help you reach this spiritual landmark. We offer airport transfers, meals, shuttle service, luxury stays, and ziyarat of historical Islamic sites. People seeking comfortable and affordable Umrah deals can benefit from these cheap Ramadan Umrah tours.

One Week Umrah Package

Lottrips has some uniquely customized one week Umrah package from Pakistan for businesspeople and professionals to perform Umrah and other religious obligations with ease in a short time. However, this needs some special arrangements that increase Umrah’s cost per person, but Lottrips as a top Umrah company offers you all these at affordable rates.

Umrah Deals from Lahore

Are you seeking a good umrah company or travel agent who can plan your Umrah trip from Lahore? Lottrips can assist you efficiently in this regard. We’ve one of the most affordable Umrah tour packages in Pakistan. Our exclusive Umrah packages from Lahore are a 5-star Lahore Umrah Deal, 14 days Umrah tours from Lahore, and All-inclusive packages 2022 Islamabad and Lahore.

You can also avail our other deals such as Umrah package from Pakistan and book flights from Lahore as well. These all packages carry first-class amenities, accommodation, and transfers. Lottrips ensure you get the best & memorable experience with us.

Umrah Package From Karachi 2022

If you’re looking for the lowest price Umrah packages from Karachi 2022, you’re at the right place. You’ll be delighted to know, Lottrips is offering 3 to 5star luxury Umrah deals from Karachi at affordable rates. Our packages include luxury hotels, visa processing, air-conditioned shutter service, transportation, and accommodation close to Haram to save you from traveling time and fatigue. We’ll also provide you with an expert tour guide to facilitate you performing Umrah without any inconvenience.

15 Days Umrah Deals From Multan 2022

Stay in control of your budget throughout the journey with our Umrah package from Pakistan and 15 days Multan Umrah deals; which include not only your flights, accommodation, and transportation but also Ziyarat of the important holy sites in Makkah and Madinah. is specifically designed it to suit your schedule and budget.

Umrah From Peshawar Travel Agency

Are you looking for Economy Umrah packages from the Peshawar travel agency? Lottrips has the best deal for your hard-earned money. This is a big opportunity for families and couples to perform this with their loved ones at the most reasonable costs.