Planning a budget for Hajj or Umrah is important, regardless of your financial situation. This will allow you to enjoy the spiritual experience of visiting Makkah and Medina without worrying about material things. Find out what we suggest you do to make the Hajj and Umrah experience as affordable as possible.

What hajj or umrah packages are available?

It is necessary for pilgrims to book packages that include visas, accommodation, and transportation through an agency approved by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

There are a number of special offers available for Umrah pilgrims; These offers range from basic to premium, so do your research and choose the one that is right for your budget.

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When you book accommodation in Makkah and Medina on your own, you can get a much better deal, especially if you choose a luxury stay.

How to exchange currency in Mecca?

If you need to exchange currency on your way to Makkah for Umrah or Hajj, you can easily do so. All you have to do is go to the Azizia Bazaar or the Clock Tower of Makkah.

There are many money changers that will give you the currency you want. They give you the latest rates and can convert USD, PKR, INR, GBP, EUR or any other currency. Usually people who need Saudi riyals.

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What are the costs of transportation in Saudi Arabia?

If you are traveling between Makkah and Medina with a large group of pilgrims and luggage, you will need a taxi or a carriage. But on long trips between those two cities, you will have to pay a lot more.

Alone or with a group?

In contrast, families with young children and older family members may have to pay more for transportation, shopping, and food when traveling together, sharing taxis, and reserving family hotel suites.

What level of comfort do I need?

When traveling during peak hours or in hot weather, Hajj and Umrah can be difficult – many pilgrims prefer a 5-star hotel near Haram with air conditioning and high-quality amenities.

It is possible to have a high level of comfort and enjoy your Hajj or Umrah to the fullest by planning your budget well, booking early, and looking for special offers.

Can I travel during peak season?

Traveling during the relatively quiet season and outside of the holiday season provides a more relaxing umrah experience. It also allows you to take advantage of low-cost sightseeing and hotel specials.

If you need to perform Umrah during a busy time of year, consider traveling on weekdays instead of weekends.

Most pilgrims stay in Saudi Arabia between 15 and 28 days. A short trip will definitely save you some money, but once you pay for your airfare and visa, you can make the most of your stay!

What do I need to buy in Makkah?

Buying gifts for loved ones back home is an important aspect of Hajj or Umrah for most pilgrims. You may also need to add the cost of ihram clothing, sunscreen, and unscented baths. Shaving your hair and beard after thawing is another small expense. You have a lot of flexibility on the “buy” part of your budget, but be warned, Shopholix may have to pay a hefty extra baggage fee on your flight home!

How much should I allocate for food and drink?

Eating and drinking should be a source of happiness during Hajj, so any restaurant you like is worth your budget. Hotel prices, especially in luxury hotels, usually include a hearty breakfast and you can book half board or even full board. Be sure to set aside some money for breakfast and drinks as the weather in Makkah is very hot and you will need to refuel with drinks and snacks during the ritual.

How much does a sacrifice cost?

If this is not included in your package, you have to make a sacrifice during your stay in Makkah. The voucher can be purchased in advance or at Makkah. The price varies depending on the animal you choose to sacrifice. If you do not fulfill any of the Hajj duties and obligations, you will have to make another sacrifice to atone for it.