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Umrah Guide for Women: Tips That Can Make Umrah Easier 2024

Umrah rituals are the same for both women and men. But women have some different rules therefore it is necessary for them to know all the rules before going to Umrah.

The first rule is that women can not go for Umrah without a Mahram. In Islam, Mahram is a male that is related to women through breastfeeding, blood, or relations after marriage.

A Mahram should be an adult or reached the ages of puberty to accompany women in Umrah. If women go with fake Mahram then it is considered a sin in Islam.

So make sure the person you go with Umrah is a Mahram according to Islamic rules. This is the first restriction that women should follow.

In addition to this, there are many other rules that women should follow to perform Umrah. Therefore, in this article, we will give a complete guide to women to help them in performing Umrah & Umrah packages.

So let’s start the discussion.

Umrah Guide for Women

Step-by-Step Guide for Women to Perform Umrah

Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage like Hajj. That’s why it has multiple steps that women should follow to make a journey successful. 

By following all rules you will come closer to Allah and get his blessings. So have a look at these following steps and try to follow them if you want to make a journey successful.

  1. Women must wear Ihram and perform Niyyah and Talbiyah before entering the Al-Masjid Al-Haram. Niyyah is the intention to perform the service to Allah and Talbiyah is a prayer in praise to Allah
  2. To become a Muhrim a woman needs to cleanse her body, clip nails, wear an abaya, make sure to cover her head while performing two Rakats of Salah al-Haram, pronounce approaches to Miqat, and recite Talbiyah during the process
  3. After Talbiyah, the Tawaf rituals are next. Here women walk around the Kaaba in a circle. Women walk 7 times around the Kaaba. During each cycle, the women recite the prescribed Duaa’s. As compared to men, women do not have to run fast during the first three circles. Women are advised to walk at a slow speed while performing this ritual. When the woman completes 7 rounds, the Tawaf is completed. Now, go behind the Maqam e Ibrahim to perform Salat
  4. In Salat, women have to offer two shorts of Rakats and drink water from the Zamzam well. The well of Zamzam is placed in the basement of the Grand Mosque
  5. After drinking the water of Zamzam, women go to Multazam to offer Duaa’s to Allah
  6. In the next step, women move out of the Al-Masjid Al-Haram to perform Sa’iy. The Sa’iy is performed after the completion of seven rounds between Safa and Marwah by walking at a normal speed
  7. The women climb the hill of Safa by facing Kaaba with utmost devotion and pray to Allah
  8. After praying to Allah at the hill of Safa women move towards the Hill of Marwah and perform dua to Allah while seeing the Kaaba
  9. The next step is to gather at the Grand Mosque and offer Raka of Nafl. Then women come out with their left foot out first and offer dua to Allah
  10. The journey ends at Mina. Here women clip locks or strands of their hair. This is known as Taqseer and shows complete surrender to Allah

What Women should Do While Performing Umrah?

Here are some dos and don’ts that women should follow while performing the Umrah. So have a look

  • Women must trim their hair and nails before performing Umrah
  • They are allowed to wear stitched clothes
  • Women must shave their body hair before the start of the journey
  • Before starting the prayer women must take a purifying bath
  • Women must take spare clothes with them in case the one cloth gets dirty
  • If women go without Mahram then they should pray in the safe places that are designated for women

What is Prohibited for Women While Performing Umrah?

Here are some things that women should avoid doing while performing Umrah. Have a look at them.

  • During Umrah chasing, killing, and torturing animals are prohibited. In addition, backbiting, swearing, and fighting are also prohibited 
  • Women should avoid making any physical relation with their spouses
  • Women who are on period avoid the journey of Umrah
  • Without the companionship of Mahram women are not allowed to go to Umrah
  • Women can not take any Non-Mahram with them for Umrah
  • Except for hands and face, women are not allowed to show any part of their body
  • Women can wear jewelry during Umrah but this is not encouraged
  • Women should avoid wearing any perfume and scent
  • During the sacred journey, women should avoid wearing makeup
  • Women should avoid wearing anything that can attract women including glittery clothes 

Wrapping It All Up!!!

To have a successful Umrah journey women must follow these rules that they should perform. Also, they should avoid the things that are prohibited. Without following the rules and restrictions the Umrah will not be accepted. 

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