Eatmarna App 2022 1

If you’re planning to go on the Umrah from anywhere in the world, you should be aware that the Saudi Government has changed the rules. Now you should have to register on the Eatmarna App to get permission for the Umrah.

It is an official mobile application launched by the Ministry of Hajj to register pilgrims. On this App you can take appointments for Umrah, Prayer and even for Ziayarat. Let’s look a bit deeper and explore how we can obtain Umrah permission using the Eatmarna App.

How to Download Eatmarna App

  • First of all you need to download the Eatmarna app from playstore for android or appstore for ios devices.
  • The ministry of Hajj recently launched the Android version of the App.
  • You just need to log in to the Playstore or IOS store.
  • Search for the App.
  • Click on the Install button
  • In a few seconds it will be downloaded into your phone.

How to register on the Eatmarna App

After downloading the Eatmarna app from Playstore or IOS store; open the app and click on the sign up option. If you haven’t registered before click the new user button and register with your required information.

Now put your accurate information such as Passport number, National ID, Iqama number.

Then enter your mobile number for verification.

After sign up, login with your registered ID and password, the app will need an OTP sent to your given mobile number.

When you enter the OTP given to your number you will be logged in to your Eatmarna account successfully.

Why we need to sign up on Tawakalna App before Signing up to Eatmarna

Where Eatmarna App facilitates you in obtaining umrah permission, booking hotel transfers, helps in flight booking; Tawakalna App is dedicated to health status things.

More deeply, if you’re entering Saudi Arabia from anywhere after 15 days, you need to show that your immunization certificate doesn’t older than 6 months.

After entering Saudi Arabia for umrah purpose you need to register on tawakalna app for comprehensive health related information, and also need to put your information in the app for verification.

Without Tawakalna App permission you cannot sign up to Eatmarna app.

How to use Eatmarna App to obtain permission for Umrah

How to use the Eatmarna app for getting permits of Umrah; so let’s go see how it’s done!

Before requesting an Umrah permit, at first you need to go to the booking tab.

From this booking tab, you need to enter the transportation service portal.

In this portal, you need to select a center first.

It will cost 20 SAR per ticket per person. You can select as many tickets as you want for companions/family members.

After buying what you will have to do is; you have to enter Umrah portal and select all the companions. This portal is not always open. So book that right away.

After you enter the permit portal, there will be all the active permits.

And the last one on the column is Umrah. If your umrah time is from 12.30-3.30. You have to be present 15 minutes prior.

Other than that, you have to pay 20 SAR only for UMRAH. As they provide bus service, etc.

Besides, you can take a permit for praying, free of cost. For example, I select 4 person

I’ll see some of the dates are black, which means there are seats available.

For any black colored dates, I can book a prayer time. No extra charges required.

After you book a date, the permit will be sent to your mobile number.

So, this is the current system.

In the same way, you can book a Prophet’s Mosque Visit in Madinah.

Heavy fines on violations

Never try to enter into the Khana Kabah or Masjid e Alharam without prior permission via the Eatmarna app, I’ll cost you enough.

In case you try to enter without permission, you can lead to heavy fines upon violation. The authority can impose up to 20,000 SAR or prison. So beware and take care of your sacred journey for eternal Umrah obligation.