Like Hajj, Umrah is considered a sacred pilgrimage for Muslims. Umrah is non-mandatory in Islam unlike Hajj therefore it is also called a lesser pilgrimage. But still millions of people go for Umrah every year. Umrah is not easy to do as you have to take care of many things. Here we tell you about the 5 things to consider for umrah. We know that it is a dream of every Muslim to visit Makkah and Madinah so that they can perform Hajj and Umrah Package. Also, by going to Saudi Arabia they can visit all the sacred places.

Many people think to perform umrah they need more money. But this is not the hard part as money can be borrowed or people can take a loan. In actuality the hard part is to manage the Umrah as you go from one country to the other. In Saudi Arabia, first, the language is different, and second, you do not know where to go and stay. However, due to all these reasons, you can not postpone your umrah plan. That’s why to help you in this article, we will only tell you important things that you must consider before going to Umrah.

So without any further ado, shall we start the discussion?

What Are The 5 Things To Consider For Umrah?

Here are the important 5 things to consider for Umrah. So have a look 

1. Check For Umrah Packages

Many traveling agencies provide packages to people so that they can easily travel. Therefore, you can easily get the traveling package for umrah too. But do not go for all the packages that you get for umrah. The reason is that not all the traveling agencies are providing the facilities that you need.

Therefore, you need to select the right package. The things that you should consider in the package are low prices and hotel accommodation. Also, make sure the hotel that the traveling agency assigns you is near Makkah. Otherwise, most of your money will go to the taxi fare. 

2. Make A Right Plan To Do Umrah

Planning is the key to achieving any goal. Therefore you should make the right plan for umrah. First, gather all the information on how to do Umrah and what things you need to take with you. Remember to take only the necessary clothes for you because there is no need to carry 2 to 3 bags just with clothes.

All you need is to carry one suitcase that contains all your essentials. It will be easy for you to handle only one suitcase. In addition, carry a small bag with you in which you carry legal documents like a visa, passport, ID card, and most importantly money. 

3. Learn All The Rules To Wear Ihram During Umrah

To do umrah you need to wear Ihram and there are some rules to do so. Take some time from your busy schedule and know about all the rules or rituals that you have to follow while wearing Ihram.

Make sure to learn the things that you should avoid while wearing Ihram. After getting this information also learn about how to do Tawaf, Taqsir, and Sa’i. Furthermore, learn the dua’s that you have to chant while performing these rituals.


4. Things To Consider For Umrah: Know Umrah Companions

It becomes very difficult to do umrah alone. As a social animal-human needs someone with whom they can share anything. Umrah’s duration varies due to different packages. But you have to leave for Makkah and Madinah. 

Managing everything becomes difficult for a single person. So make sure you go in groups as you get the company and you all can handle every situation. But if you do not have anyone to go with. Then know about your companions that use the same package. Be the one to communicate with them and make situations easy for you.

5. Be Ready To Bear The Heat During Umrah

According to weather reports, Makkah and Madinah remain hot in every season. So do not take tension about it. 

Keep light clothes with you instead of warm ones even if you go for Umrah in the winter season. The light cloth will allow air to pass through and you will not get sweaty.

Moreover, keep yourself hydrated and eat good food to avoid any health issues while performing umrah.


These are the essential Things to Consider for Umrah that you can follow easily. Remember to take care of everything if you want a perfect Umrah experience. If you do not follow any of these tips then you may have to handle some circumstances. So do not forget to miss any of these important things.