How to perform Umrah

After the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced permission to perform Umrah for the season 1444 AH / 2021 and 2022 AD, in several stages, which were suspended from the end of February 2020, as a result of the outbreak of the new Coronavirus “Covid-19” globally.

And in order to facilitate the pilgrims for the first time and to remind those who have already performed it before, “LOTTRIPS” reviews how to perform the rites of Umrah step by step.

The rituals of Umrah include 4 main steps:

  • Ihram
  • Tawaf
  • Quest
  • Throat or shortening to break out of Ihram

Here are the rituals in detail:

1- Ihram

The first and most important stage to actually enter into the performance of the rituals, and in order for the individual to be deprived of the Umrah, he washes and puts on perfume, and then puts on the Ihram clothes, which is a white robe and a white robe, and the right shoulder appears only during the arrival circumambulation only, while the woman wears whatever clothes she wants without any adornment, Then he prays two rak’ahs, and intends to go into Ihram for Umrah.

Then he says, “Praise be to you, Umrah, for you, O God, for you, for you have no partner, for you, for praise and blessing are for you and the king, there is no partner for you.” The man raises his image with this, but the woman says it as much as he hears from her side only, then they increase the Talbiyah, and remembrance.

2- Tawaf

If the pilgrim reaches Makkah, he enters the Sacred Mosque with the right foot, and begins 7 circuits of circumambulation around the Kaaba, starting from the Black Stone, saying “In the name of God, and God is the Greatest.” He crowds at him, or refers to him from afar, mentions God and calls upon him as he pleases.

And if he reaches the Yemeni Corner, touch it without kissing, and if it is not possible for him, he does not jostle over it or point to it, and he says between him and the Black Stone: “Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the Fire.”

During the tawaf, the man does two things, the first is “Ithtibaa’” which means showing the right shoulder, and the second “Raml” which is walking fast while approaching the steps during the first three circuits, and in the rest he walks as usual.

After completing the circumambulation, he advances towards Ibrahim’s shrine and reads “And take Ibrahim’s shrine as a prayer place.” Then he prays two rak’ahs behind him and recites the two surahs “Al-Kafirun” and “Al-Ikhlas” after Al-Fatihah.

3- Quest

Then the pilgrim goes out for the pilgrimage from the gate of Safa and ascends it facing the Kaaba, and reads “Safa and Al-Marwah are among the symbols of God…” to the end of the verse, and raises his hands in supplication and praises and exalts God, and says: “There is no god but God alone, fulfilled His promise, helped His servant, and be defeated.” Al-Ahzab alone.” He repeats it three times, and there is nothing wrong with it being limited to less than that.

Then he descends from Al-Safa to Al-Marwah on foot, and if he reaches the two green flags, he speeds up in his walking “jogging” and this is for men only, and he walks as usual when reaching the second flag, and repeats the matter in each run, climbs on Al-Marwah and says what he said on Al-Safa, and calculates the half from Al-Safa to Al-Marwah And the opposite counts another way, and he says in the quest whatever is easy of remembrance and supplication or reading the Qur’an .

4- Throat or shortening to break out of Ihram

If he completes his quest, a man should shave his head or shorten his hair, even if a woman cuts the ends of her hair by the length of a fingertip on all sides of the head.

With this, the Umrah is completed and the Ihram is completely permitted, the prohibitions are lifted, and the clothes, perfume, marriage, and other things are permitted for him.

Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque

Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque, may God bless him and grant him peace, in Madinah is not part of Hajj and Umrah, as the pilgrim goes to Madinah before or after performing the rituals, with the intention of visiting the Prophet’s Mosque and praying in it, because it is better than a thousand prayers elsewhere except for the Sacred Mosque.


If you reach the mosque, pray in it two units of greeting the mosque or the obligatory prayer if it has already been established, then go to the grave of the Messenger “may God bless him and grant him peace” and say hello to him, saying: “Peace be upon you, O Prophet, and God’s mercy and blessings .”

Then take two steps to your right to stand in front of the grave of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, “may God be pleased with him”, saying, “Peace be upon you, Abu Bakr, the successor of the Messenger of God, and the mercy and blessings of God, may God be pleased with you and reward you on behalf of the nation of Muhammad well.”

Then he took two steps to stand in front of the tomb of Al-Faruq Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, “may God be pleased with him,” saying, “Peace be upon you, Omar, Commander of the Faithful, and the mercy and blessings of God, may God be pleased with you and reward you on behalf of the nation of Muhammad.” Also Lottrips provide best Umrah Services all over the world.