The people who are going for Umrah for the first time are usually confused. This is because people usually go from one country to the other.

They need to take care of most things. But with the help of some tips, they can easily perform Umrah without having any confusion. 

Therefore, in this article, we have discussed the useful tips that make the journey easy for people. If you are going to the Umrah for the first time then these tips are for you.

So without taking your further precious time, let’s start the discussion.

Tips for Umrah Journey

What are the Best Tips for Your Umrah Journey?

Following are some tips that you should follow to perform Umah without any confusion and problems. So have a look at them. 

1. Improve your Stamina 

Umrah is all about Tawaf and visiting sacred places with important recitation. Therefore people need to enhance their stamina.

With proper stamina, people can perform Umrah without getting fainted or having health issues. To enhance their stamina people should eat healthy food and take proper vitamins.

By having three meals a day people can have enough vitamins and proteins. So make sure to eat healthy food if you are planning to go for Umrah.

2. Make Sure to Get Vaccinated

In this pandemic time, the vaccine is the first factor that people should take care of. So make sure you get all the doses of vaccination before planning any journey.

You should also take care of your health before going anywhere. Even if you have a slight cough, fever, or cold do not ignore it. Consult the nearest medical shops and get proper medicines to cure your health.

3. Take Proper Dresses with You for Umrah

The atmosphere of Saudi Arabia is mostly hot. No matter whether you go in the summer season or winter season make sure to take light clothes with you.

Also, it is better to take multiple clothes with you because clothes can get dirty easily. For Umrah, it is important to wear clean clothes including Ihram. So make sure to wear neat clothes.

In addition, avoid wearing shimmery clothes during Umrah. The reason is that such types of clothes are not allowed during Umrah. 

4. Carry Essential Things with You

You can not take everything with you while traveling. So make sure to carry only those things that are important.

Make a small bag and put only essential items in it. Do not put clothes in it as clothes take more space. The extra things that you might need are

  1. Food
  2. Sanitizer
  3. Wipes
  4. Lotion
  5. Money and much more

Due to traveling, people can get hungry easily. It is not possible to have a complete meal while traveling. 

Therefore only take the small food items like chips, biscuits, fruit cakes, and anything that comes in packaging. Also, take the small bottles of lotion, shampoo, and sanitizer instead of carrying the family-size packs.

In this way, your bag will not get heavy and have more space to put multiple items. To carry the money, I prefer credit cards instead of cash.

This is because cash takes more space and is difficult to handle. But credit cards are slim and take up a small space. In addition, there is no problem with security. 

Make sure to stuff lightweight products in the bag and carry it always with you. So that you can use all items when you need them.

5. Know All About Umrah

Umrah is a sacred pilgrimage and contains many rules that people should follow. Before going for umrah it is important to gather all the possible information that you can gather.

This is because with more information you can handle all the situations. You can get knowledge about Umrah from many Islamic books and Legal Internet sources.

So if you are going for Umrah search all these resources and collect the right information. Make sure to read all the Dua’s that people read during Tawaf and visit sacred places.

In addition, there are many dos and don’ts of Umrah. Make sure to follow all the rules to avoid mistakes while performing rituals. Also, try not to do anything that is prohibited in Islam.

In Conclusion

Many other tips can help you while performing Umrah. But the ones that we are mentioning here are efficient and easy to follow.

By following these tips your Umrah journey will become easy and you can avoid the mistakes that beginners make. 

So do not forget any of these tips if you are going to perform Umrah or plan about it. First, know all about the Umrah rituals and remember all the prayers and Dua’s.

Then focus on Umrah bookings. This is because many Muslims are eager to perform Umrah and hotels get full even before the Umrah starts. 

Also, focus on booking the hotels that are near Makkah and Madinah so that you can save the traveling cost. Remember these tips in mind and have a peaceful journey.